Sunday, March 13, 2016

How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to iPhone SE/5SE/6S/6

Summary: The iPhone SE/5SE is running iOS 9.3 or new,if you want to transfer data to iPhone SE/5SE from Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6,you need to use a Samsung to iPhone SE/5SE Data Transfer.

A new iPhone SE/5SE is coming up, guess many Android users will jump ship to iPhone SE/5SE. If you are one of them, or just have an Android phone and an iPhone at the same time, you will definitely need to know to copy those contacts/phone numbers. The problem is, how? Are you going to back up your phone, say, Samsung Galaxy, and then sync them to iPhone SE/5SE,iPhone 6S/6/5S/5/4S/4? The way I see it, this method is not simple enough and we should use software to transfer contacts from Samsung Galaxy S/Note/Ace to iPhone SE/5SE in batches. What's more, it better be free. Luckily, Samsung to iPhone SE/5SE Data Transfer meets all our requirements.

Transfer Contacts to iPhone SE/5S
No need to copy your contacts manually, Mobile Transfer enables you to move sms,photos,videos,music,call logs between different platforms with just a few clicks. The contents include the date when you received and sent them, and, of course, the messages themselves.

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How to Move Contacts from Android to iPhone SE/5SE

Note: iTunes should be installed in your computer first, or Mobile Transfer could not work with iPhone.

Step 1.Launch Mobile Transfer
Set up the software first. When it is done, double click the icon. Now you can see the window, choose the blue section "Phone to Phone Transfer"

Step 2.Plug Galaxy S4 and iPhone SE/5SE into the Computer with USB Cords
Connect Android and then, iPhone. They will be automatically detected as "Source Phone" and "Destination Phone". (If the places are wrong, you can "Flip" to switch them.)

Note: The option "Clear data before copy" is for you to erase the handset, "Destination Phone".

Step 3.Tick to Choose Samsung Contacts
As you can see, contacts, text messages, call logs and many other things are movable. Since our issue is to transfer Contacts only, we will check the corresponding box and press "Start Copy".

All done, click "OK".

I would not miss this beauty, Mobile Transfer, if I were you. Check it out and feel how science & technology has changed our life. To import Contacts from iPhone to Android, see more on our blog.

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