Wednesday, May 4, 2016

iOS10: Or Added Six New Features

iOS10 has entered the development stage or added six new features. Although this time talking about iOS 10 is a relatively long way off, but the site has been reported earlier, in preparation for the next WWDC in June, iOS 10 has entered the early stages of development, what will bring the next generation of Apple's iPhone.

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1. Multiple Apple ID to sign in

This is from the fourth generation of Apple TV to produce a "fantasy", many people will iTunes download applications and games from outside of Taiwan / Hong Kong, if two or more Apple ID can sign in to multiple iPhone, then like 4th generation Apple TV-like, through the rapid conversion Apple ID is more convenient to buy different national applications and insourcing project.

2. Application preview

The number of iOS applications up to over one million, it is rich in content, but only the image displayed, the user may not know how to use the application, Apple can provide application preview, make it easier for users to know this application.

3. iCloud Drive new local file manager!

Sometimes, we downloaded from the network into the iOS file, in addition to pictures, music, videos, e-books PDF files, other files may have to dump the iCloud Drive or other cloud storage. That if we can make good use of iPhone 64GB and 128GB of space for iCloud Drive app to add a local file manager, you can more easily manage the downloaded files.

4. Remove the preload App

Many people on the iOS App preload is upset, why he did not used but could not be deleted. Apple has mentioned delete native application compatibility problems will lead to more on. If you really want to "remove" preload App, it is more likely to add to hide preload App features like iCloud Drive as freely hide or show icons.

5. Continue to enter the smart home

Following Apple Pay, Apple had tried to enter the home market, Apple released smart home program called HomeKit, but as smart home control iOS failed to provide a unified control interface, and the emergence of iOS 10, will join a named home applications, the smart phone into a family center?

6. The screen color temperature adjustment

Apple declined earlier called f.lux color temperature regulation applications shelves, but many users have used the application, claiming that blue light can reduce the damage to the eyes. However, this feature will seriously affect the iPhone display color, and the self-incompatibility strategy Apple, Apple should even f.lux otherwise have bought, set this function into the App "display brightness" option up.

iOS 10: Everything We Know

The next update to Apple's mobile operating system, iOS 10, is already in the works at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino. We don't know much about iOS 10 yet, but it could potentially include design changes and refinements as there hasn't been a significant update to the look of iOS since iOS 7 was introduced in 2013.

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How to Transfer Android Data to iPhone 6S/6/iPhone SE/5SE

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iOS 7 introduced a new design, iOS 8 introduced new features like Continuity, Apple Pay, and new app abilities like extensions, and iOS 9 included deeper Siri integration, improved search capabilities, iPad split-screen multitasking, and a range of under-the-hood optimizations to improve battery life and performance.

iOS 10 is expected to include a redesigned Apple Music app with a more intuitive user interface. The app is said to feature a "bolder, yet simpler" design that puts an emphasis on black and white backgrounds and text and more of a focus on album art. The "New" tab in Apple Music is being replaced with a "Browse" option with better organizational tools for finding new content, and Apple will encourage users to use a simplified "For You" section.

Connect, Apple Music's artist-focused social network, will remain unchanged, as will Beats 1 Radio. New 3D Touch shortcut previews will be added, Apple will make sharing features more obvious, and a feature allowing listeners to easily access song lyrics will be added.

Apple is working to bring Apple Pay support to web browsers, and the new feature, which will allow Apple Pay users to make purchases in online stores using the payments service, may be introduced as part of iOS 10.

Apple is also expected to make improvements to the Photos app, introducing some abilities that were initially found in iPhoto before it was discontinued. We don't know exactly what features will be added to the Photos app, but iPhoto 2.0.1 included tools for editing EXIF information and touch-based brushes for adjusting brightness and other parameters on only specific parts of a photo.

Improvements to the Photos app line up with rumors surrounding the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which are expected to include camera improvements. The iPhone 7 Plus in particular may gain a dual-lens camera, which will require significant software updates.

Dual camera for iPhone 7 Plus allegedly revealed

Apple's expected iPhone 7 Plus will sport two cameras, assuming the latest series of leaked photos are legit.

A batch of photos leaked on several Taiwanese websites and displayed collectively by blog site Pocketnow show six different modules allegedly to be used as a dual-camera system in this year's larger-screened iPhone. Cited by Pocketnow as being from a "very protective leaker in Taiwan" and another source, the photos reveal what the component for a dual-camera setup looks like.

Apple has been hit by softness in iPhone sales over the past several months. That may be because the enhancements in last year's iPhone 6S and 6S Plus lacked sufficient oomph to convince people to buy. Apple needs to outfit the expected iPhone 7 lineup with enticing new features to lure in consumers and regain some of its lost market share.

A dual-camera system would snap pictures with both lenses and then combine the results to produce higher-resolution photos. One 12-megapixel lens would be a wide-angle version equipped with optical image stabilization to offer higher quality photos. The other 12-megapixel shooter would come with an optical zoom capable of magnifying an image by up to three times.

The technology would presumably come courtesy of LinX, a company that was working on a way to create high-quality images from relatively small lenses. Apple acquired LinX in April 2015.

Rumors of dual cameras wending their way to the iPhone 7 Plus have been floating about for months. In January, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus would come in both single-lens and dual-lens versions, while the less expensive 4.7-inch iPhone 7 would continue to use a single lens system.

Leaked images such as these should be taken with a grain of salt, especially since the dual camera modules are shown as individual components and not part of any larger iPhone body. Kuo generally is on the money at revealing changes to Apple's mobile products, and the benefits of a dual-camera system could generate interest in the iPhone 7 Plus by appealing to smartphone buyers as well as avid photographers.

Apple did not respond to a request for comment.

Survey:The desire of Chinese and American on buying iPhone 7 is higher than iPhone 6s

Abstract: According to foreign media reports
Although officials have not disclosed any information about the iPhone 7, but the survey results show that consumer interest it,the demand of iPhone 7 is not small,people are looking forward the arrival of iPhone 7.In the United States and mainland China market, the respondents were interested in iPhone 7 is higher than last year's iPhone 6s, but less than the released iPhone 6 two years ago.

Apple iPhone 6 indicates that the first time to entry into the large-screen phone camp.

However, in the European market, the situation is relatively not so optimistic. Survey shows that consumer interest in the European market for iPhone 7 manifested lower than the iPhone 6s in fact.

In addition, the survey also found that nearly half of the respondents have said to wait until the next generation iPhone will go out to buy a new iPhone.

Allegedly, the new iPhone will be a relatively large adjustment in the shape of the other components have been leaked suggesting that the phone will also be the same as the iPad Pro supports wireless charging.

There is also news that Apple may cancel 3.5mm headphone jack in the new generation of iPhone, so you can make the phone thinner, but recently there are signs that the interface still exists.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The impressions of iPhone 7:Perhaps this is the most real time

Not long ago,in the micro-Bo,many people were expose the news of iPhone 7 again. The reason to use so much because of revelations about the iPhone 7 is too much.

Long time before the release of iPhone 6s,there were a lot of news about iPhone 7,like dual cameras and so on.


From this figure can be drawn,the thickness of iPhone7 is 6.2mm,thinner than 5s of 1.4mm, also has a 3D touch, and supports to back the desktop screen by pressing the Home Page.There is one of the most iffy information,iPhone 7 fingerprint recognition integrated is same with the screen turned,is concealed.

From this point of picture, iPhone 7 looks like a double speaker on the bottom, and turned into a mute button is changed to one dimension with volume keys,it sounds pretty good if it is true.

Still offer the rose gold color,the headphones feels better beautiful,and dual-channel Bluetooth headset?

One more thing,the positions of vaginal on iPhone 7 has been changed?

iOS10 / iPhone7 / MacBook, Apple WWDC2016 information

Apple has now officially published on the website of the developer time in 2016 held the WWDC. This year's WWDC2016 will be the western United States June 13 to 17 (the following date are US Pacific Time) held While the site is still in San Francisco, but the specific address change, Apple has been before the Mosconi Center in San Francisco meeting, this year, some activities will be transferred to the Bill Graham Civic auditorium held a mile or so away from the two.

Consistent with previous years, this year, Apple will use a random ticket lottery system, developers can now log in Apple's developer site to register and lottery, as of the time at 10:00 on April 22. Tickets are priced at $ 1,599 (about 10,000 yuan), ticket winners will be notified on April 25.

Apple offers again this year for outstanding students scholarships and the opportunity to participate WWDC Conference, scholarship applicants to be at least 13 years of age and identity shall STEM students or members of the organization. Scholarships to 125 students receive scholarships will also receive a travel grant provided by Apple.

As before, Apple will be the keynote (keynote) for the WWDC developer conference began. Time June 13 in 10:00 and 13:00, a series of presentations including topics and issues related to the developer.

Apple officials said at the meeting the developers will "learn four Apple software platform (iOS, OS X, watchOS and tvOS) prospects for development." In general, Apple will release its operating system at the conference and possibly a major update includes iOS10 renamed Apple MacOS operating system, and of course watchOS tvOS may also usher update.

Hardware, iPhone7 as the next generation of Apple's flagship product is likely not appear on WWDC2016 release, but because the aircraft will be powered by iOS10 system, through the presentation of their systems, we perhaps Glimpse iPhone7 new features. Today IT House Stock Retina MacBook dealers reported the news, generally speaking, the old stock often means the new arrival, the new Mac computers is likely to be released on WWDC2016.

This year's WWDC Bash (annual developer Festival) will not be in the Yerba Buena Gardens (Yerba Buena Gardens) carried out an exception which is Apple's first in 10 years, the festival will be held from Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, Apple held annually by the event to celebrate the success developers Conference.

Ten New Features of iOS 10 is Your Cup of Tea?

Expected June 13 in San Francisco debut WWDC conference, the outside world speculated that Apple will focus on iOS 10 this new system. Although iOS 9.3.2 continues testing, but many fruit powder can not wait for the arrival of iOS 10. The following is MacStories "team suggested the iOS 10 new features, quickly take a look!

Setting a removable control center

This feature in Android system has been used for some time, the user can adjust the order in which the control program based on their habits, such as the Wi-Fi hotspot to adjust more to the right, at any time convenient to share network and so on. Because Apple still does not allow the user to adjust the order of these controls, so iOS users is still no way to frequently used settings to place more comfortable position.

Control Center add 3D Touch function

Apple on the iPhone 6s equipped with 3D Touch features really give the user a considerable convenience. Therefore, users expect 3D Touch function can also be further used in the control center, iOS 10 can contribute to the Andrew system as quickly turn this setting to adjust the project through detailed control list.

Control centers to third-party App

As iOS devices for convenient access to features shortcuts users naturally want iOS 10 control center can open to third-party App features, such as calendar, healthy tracing App, if you can open directly in the control center, combining 3D Touch the function is expected to allow users to further enhance the operating experience.

Join dark theme

Even whether you can freely change the theme of the Android platform, and even Microsoft launched Windows 10 platform has a dark theme, and how Apple could use blue eye low gimmick fool consumers? If iOS 10 dark theme if launched, will help iPhone and iPad users can be reduced because light stimulation caused by eye fatigue, can be said to be quite useful feature.

Message preview richer

Currently LINE App ready for users to transfer URLs provide more detailed content of the page. The MacStories team hope that Apple can do in a similar part of the message of the upgrade, that is, iOS 10, so that key posts within (such as specific App), automatic side generates relevant information in the message, in order to quickly master the other side Information.

Optional Common Emoji keyboard symbol

Through Emoji symbols can make the atmosphere more lively dialogue. In this regard, many people are accustomed to using Emoji symbols in the chat, if iOS 10 can for this habit, create keyboard "to quickly select frequently Emoji" shortcut, will greatly improve the iPhone and iPad users to use Emoji symbols trouble.

Individual contact's "Do Not Disturb" setting

If you want to avoid interference, usually the user directly to the device muted. But if you want to avoid certain people at certain times of interference it? The team hopes this MacStories iOS 10 can be added for individual contacts Design Do Not Disturb mode, after opening the message from the other side would not appear to notice the sound.

Better File Explorer

For business users, a good file manager to help at any time to obtain the necessary information, which can directly improve the iPad in the business on the application. So iOS 10 was supposed to adjust iCloud Drive interface, provide a clearer classification, open the way to class, and quick preview function. In addition, you can paste the importance of archives for the labels, should also join in this new system.

Split screen closer to the Windows experience

Since accustomed to "drag" function of the computer, so the team also hopes to join the iOS 10 split screen function of this application, which is directly to a text message within a window, through drag to paste another App. Other pictures like this can also be directly affixed, split-screen notification message can be pulled directly open the App, as well as split-screen can be changed independently want to turn the App, a lot of concepts and functions of the current Windows 10 is quite similar.

Siri API launch

Since A think Apple Siri function so convenient, so through the introduction of Siri API, allows users via voice assistant feature Siri, the direct use of all kinds of App, is obviously a good idea. Add to travel directly from Siri like in 2Do Task App, the direct use Siri to say at App convey to each other through communication, can significantly enhance the operating experience iOS device.

iPhone 7 Shape Exposure:May be a bit ugly

A few days before someone exposed to real machine outline drawing of iPhone 7 Plus,the frightening thing is that the iPhone 7 may really be, and recently the Japanese version of the media exposure the design of iPhone 7,some of the highlights been excavated.

1,3.5mm headphone jack disappeared
2, iPhone 7 plus have dual cameras (4.7 for single camera)
3,The connection IOUs of the back on iPhone 7 has been shift,the overall look  more coordinated?

In addition,iPhone 7 Plus may have a different name-iPhone Pro.Exposure drawings show iPhone 7 plus size is 158.2 × 77.9 × 7.3mm, that's mean the size as same dimensions as iPhone6 ​​/ 6 plus, iPhone 6s / 6s plus. Does this mean that the camera will still raised it?

If that is the case, we should not be surprised, as the design of the shape of latest iPhone 7 seems to change from 6s, and iPhone 7 look a little different from the iPhone 6/6s ,or the treatment is a little bit different from iPhone 6s in China.