Monday, June 8, 2015

Apple WWDC 2015 this One More Thing to music

Through a new version of OS X, iOS and after 9 watchOS, it still brings a WWDC 15 One More Thing links, as Developers Conference, this did not release hardware, thus One More Thing left Apple's music application Apple Music.

    Music can cross history, across borders, from radio to Walkman, then to the iPod, the music getting smaller and smaller carriers, the capacity is growing. We can say that music is the apple of an old affair, untied forget, WWDC on the music video is the most sensational, most texture. Warm up the video, the artist Trent Reznor said:

    "We need a platform for music not only be treated as insignificant numeric code, which was seen as both a respected, but also to explore the art of the introduction."

    Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine was acquired by Apple on stage and began preaching the Apple Music, we can say that this is the case to be expected, but did not think it took so long, Apple Music only appear as a standalone application on the Apple device. The innovation lies in the Music Department:
A revolutionary music service
Full-time global weather stations
The new way to interact with fans and musicians

Details little to say, Music allows users to listen online iTunes library millions of tracks, as well as music videos and, of course, be sure to listen to downloaded to the local is also possible. In addition, the song single function is also essential, music or music of people who can recommend their albums and playlists, users can access and update this recommendation.

    Radio feature is another killer feature Apple Music will face more than 100 countries and regions in Los Angeles, New York and London, gapless playback. Beats 1 radio audience which will play music, music interviews, guest host, music news and cultural reports, the host of the radio, including the UK's most famous DJ Zane Lowe and the like.

    Zane stayed at BBC Radio 1 station for 12 years, due to well-known advocate of new music, play an important role in the rise of the Arctic Monkeys, Adele and Ed Sheeran and other new force in British music. He also maintained close ties with the music of some big names such as Jay Z, Kanye West and Eminem.

    Outside of streaming music and radio, music is the third key platform of Apple Music.
    Music people can post their latest single, behind the scenes photos, creative lyrics or a new remix version, which also includes some small minority of independent music. The platform for the exchange platform for musicians and fans. Apple Music tracks can also be used to recommend appropriate according to user preferences, which is considered to be a standard feature music applications.

Just tell Apple Music your favorite type of music, Apple Music will be based on your preferences by hand as you carefully selected tracks.

    Finally, the most conscience: no ads!

June 30 shortly after, Apple Music in more than 100 countries and regions launched, running iOS 8.4 is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. However, mainland China temporarily in the first ranks. This fall will be compatible with Windows and Android. In the United States, monthly fee is $ 9.99, the first three months free. If it is the case in China, the face of various members, a variety of green diamond, the price is not competitive, ah, but Apple Music in protecting the rights and interests of the rejection of the domestic music good few blocks.

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