Monday, June 8, 2015

Six Hot spot about iOS 9 on the Apple WWDC 2015

WWDC2015 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference will be opened in San Francisco MosconeWest venue. By then thousands of Apple developers and technology enthusiasts will gather once again in a ushered in the annual technology event.

Apple WWDC we will witness the new year brings progress, not to the scene of the fruit powder can watch live the General Assembly to push through the synchronization information (, and the user will pay more attention to what iOS9 performance in the General Assembly before the official start submitting synchronous push together to look ahead.

iOS9 map

New iOS9 map changes are not small, may be introduced on public transport navigation services around the world, the initial support of some States, Canada, Europe, and China's cities.

In addition, rumors iOS9 similar map will increase Nokia Maps "Urban Kaleidoscope", when users lift phone at street map will automatically search for the street of shops (this somewhat difficult to say true or false).

Challenge Spotify streaming music

iOS8.4Beta out of the picture can be seen, Apple has been hoping to launch a streaming music service, may be disclosed in more detail in the WWDC. It is said that this music service will be used in the form of monthly billing, $ 10 per month, although more expensive than Spotify, but a huge iTunes music library + streaming music will help Apple become one of the streaming music market giant, challenge existence Spotify feeling.

iOS9 Almighty Mobile Assistant --Proactive

As early as in early May began to spread Apple is committed to developing Proactive this "big kill." It is rumored to integrate personal voice assistant Siri, contacts, calendar, and third-party applications, creating a universal type mobile assistant, Andrews GoogleNow to pose a huge threat.

Proactive App can use the map as well as cooperation between Apple and Foursquare, Yelp redesigned map App of POI systems.

For example, users will be iPhone camera toward a street, iOS9 map will be displayed near the shopping center, restaurants, convenience stores, and even in the restaurant menus, support ApplePay store related information, to show the key sites based on user preferences.

Again, assuming the user to save a calendar App flight record and stored in Passbook have a boarding pass, it will read the data Proactive both applications, and computing boarding time, intelligently when the plane will take off to remind the user.

Also, the user's calendar is saved the time and place of the appointment, then Proactive read calendar data will also call map App, dating sites intelligent estimate the length of time of arrival. After subtracting the estimated travel time, and accurately alert the user when to start.

Therefore, Proactive can be seen on a variety of iOS App of "commander", through the coordination of all App functionality to build an intelligent integrated service system.

Smart Home remote control application - "HOME"

WWDC Conference App is another high-profile iOS9 smart home application "Home", Chinese call it "home." By "Home", users can use iPhone or iPad remote control garage door in the same WIFI network, air conditioning, television, wireless door lock and so on intelligent home devices (if they support iOS control).

New Security System - "Rootless"

According to sync push learned, "Rootless" Apple deemed OSX and iOS9 kernel-level security features. It prevents malware closely monitor the security extensions and plug-ins, and even the prevention of specific data administrator-level user access device. Of course, a substantial increase in safety but also may become a "jailbreak Terminator."

Compatible with older equipment

iOS9 at WWDC conference released outside, Apple has launched the old device compatibility strategy, that would significantly increase the time-out of old equipment to help in some users on Apple is not willing to replace equipment Third World Emerging Market Station stable foothold.

iOS9 upcoming release of iOS mobile assistant professional will be the first time push synchronization adaptation iOS9 system resources in order to bring the mass of genuine high-speed download service, based on a comprehensive offer genuine iOS9 App download and management services.

Mobile synchronization software: iPhone iPad Data Manager

Lost Data on your iPhone after upgrading to iOS 9

As the iDevice users all known, iPhone Data Recovery can not only transfer all data from iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to PC/Mac and iTunes for backup, but also allows user to recover lost data including contacts, text messages, photos, calendar, notes, call history, videos and more from iPhone iOS 9 with three simple ways: Directly recover from iPhone, iPad and iPod without backups, extracting to restore from iTunes or iCloud backup files. Besides, the recovery program also enables you to fix your devices which stucking in recovery mode, white Apple screen, or just perform abnormally, you can use iOS 9 Data Recovery is a outstanding Repair Operating System feature to have it fixed with less than 10 minutes.

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