Saturday, August 22, 2015

iPhone 6c or November released - iPhone 6c use metal shell

Previously outgoing iPhone 6c or iPhone 6s series with the simultaneous launch of the news, and since news broke the news source for the well-known Great Godevleaks, so many people seem to have a higher opinion of credibility. Now, however, there has been news from Taiwan media, "China Times" the source said, Foxconn since August, has been ill-prepared for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus output, while Foxconn is still a lot of recruiting new staff to cope with the In November debut of iPhone 6c. To this end, the outside world may speculate iPhone 6c will be officially released in November this year, in order to catch up with Thanksgiving Day sales season.

Production-ready iPhone 6c
According to Taiwan media, "China Times" reported that, with the upcoming iPhone 6s, Hon Hai's Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou taut nerves began to fight, previously scheduled to recruit 100,000 new employees was completed in August 1, but because too many orders, Foxconn Zhengzhou plant recently quietly launched a new round of recruitment actions, and to relax the age to 18-45 years.

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As Foxconn is the main reason for the shortage of new single too received, in addition to the concern of the iPhone 6s and iPhone6s Plus, also increased the iPhone 6c orders. According to "China Times" saying that from August this year, Foxconn has begun ill-prepared for the iPhone 6s and iPhone6s Plus output, as rumors of iPhone 6c is in full swing in preparation, or even heard of Foxconn In order to catch up period, we have asked some of the staff a week before the iPhone 6c Listed stop off. Thus, iPhone 6c not launched simultaneously with the iPhone 6s, is currently preparing production.

Biography November release

At the same time according to news from the supply chain that Apple may choose to release iPhone 6c in November this year, because the point of view just in time for the US Thanksgiving Day sales season from time. It is reported that, as disclosed in the "China Times" as Foxconn will produce three new iPhone, and Foxconn also got 100 percent of iPhone 6s Plus orders and 60% of iPhone 6s orders, but the iPhone 6c share of orders not yet have the exact message.

It is worth noting that if indeed such rumors as iPhone 6c released in November of this year, then also just explained in mobile applications within the Boston marketing firm Fiksu traffic database Previously, the main reason why this did not appear in the new machine.

With new processor

According to earlier news from Taiwan media "Electronic Times" said that Apple's upcoming iPhone 6c will be equipped with the new "FinFET" processors. It is reported that the use of iPhone 6c "FinFET" processors will use 14nm or 16nm process production, and by Samsung and TSMC are responsible for the production, not only in performance will be enhanced, and power consumption will have a better performance ʱ?? Of course, now not to assume that this processor is the iPhone 6s series with paragraph A9 processor, but at least in the manufacturing process technology to achieve the same level.

At the same time according to foreign media reports quoted analysts said Apple's upcoming iPhone 6c not only be equipped with four inches retina display, and also will use one piece of metal shell, and handed over to Foxconn Technology production, but Foxconn is also likely to exceed Half of iPhone 6c metal business. However, the report referred to in the first half of next year Published still, so iPhone 6c debut when in the end is still heavy suspense.

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