Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The impressions of iPhone 7:Perhaps this is the most real time

Not long ago,in the micro-Bo,many people were expose the news of iPhone 7 again. The reason to use so much because of revelations about the iPhone 7 is too much.

Long time before the release of iPhone 6s,there were a lot of news about iPhone 7,like dual cameras and so on.


From this figure can be drawn,the thickness of iPhone7 is 6.2mm,thinner than 5s of 1.4mm, also has a 3D touch, and supports to back the desktop screen by pressing the Home Page.There is one of the most iffy information,iPhone 7 fingerprint recognition integrated is same with the screen turned,is concealed.

From this point of picture, iPhone 7 looks like a double speaker on the bottom, and turned into a mute button is changed to one dimension with volume keys,it sounds pretty good if it is true.

Still offer the rose gold color,the headphones feels better beautiful,and dual-channel Bluetooth headset?

One more thing,the positions of vaginal on iPhone 7 has been changed?

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