Tuesday, May 3, 2016

iOS10 / iPhone7 / MacBook, Apple WWDC2016 information

Apple has now officially published on the website of the developer time in 2016 held the WWDC. This year's WWDC2016 will be the western United States June 13 to 17 (the following date are US Pacific Time) held While the site is still in San Francisco, but the specific address change, Apple has been before the Mosconi Center in San Francisco meeting, this year, some activities will be transferred to the Bill Graham Civic auditorium held a mile or so away from the two.

Consistent with previous years, this year, Apple will use a random ticket lottery system, developers can now log in Apple's developer site to register and lottery, as of the time at 10:00 on April 22. Tickets are priced at $ 1,599 (about 10,000 yuan), ticket winners will be notified on April 25.

Apple offers again this year for outstanding students scholarships and the opportunity to participate WWDC Conference, scholarship applicants to be at least 13 years of age and identity shall STEM students or members of the organization. Scholarships to 125 students receive scholarships will also receive a travel grant provided by Apple.

As before, Apple will be the keynote (keynote) for the WWDC developer conference began. Time June 13 in 10:00 and 13:00, a series of presentations including topics and issues related to the developer.

Apple officials said at the meeting the developers will "learn four Apple software platform (iOS, OS X, watchOS and tvOS) prospects for development." In general, Apple will release its operating system at the conference and possibly a major update includes iOS10 renamed Apple MacOS operating system, and of course watchOS tvOS may also usher update.

Hardware, iPhone7 as the next generation of Apple's flagship product is likely not appear on WWDC2016 release, but because the aircraft will be powered by iOS10 system, through the presentation of their systems, we perhaps Glimpse iPhone7 new features. Today IT House Stock Retina MacBook dealers reported the news, generally speaking, the old stock often means the new arrival, the new Mac computers is likely to be released on WWDC2016.

This year's WWDC Bash (annual developer Festival) will not be in the Yerba Buena Gardens (Yerba Buena Gardens) carried out an exception which is Apple's first in 10 years, the festival will be held from Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, Apple held annually by the event to celebrate the success developers Conference.

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