Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Ten New Features of iOS 10 is Your Cup of Tea?

Expected June 13 in San Francisco debut WWDC conference, the outside world speculated that Apple will focus on iOS 10 this new system. Although iOS 9.3.2 continues testing, but many fruit powder can not wait for the arrival of iOS 10. The following is MacStories "team suggested the iOS 10 new features, quickly take a look!

Setting a removable control center

This feature in Android system has been used for some time, the user can adjust the order in which the control program based on their habits, such as the Wi-Fi hotspot to adjust more to the right, at any time convenient to share network and so on. Because Apple still does not allow the user to adjust the order of these controls, so iOS users is still no way to frequently used settings to place more comfortable position.

Control Center add 3D Touch function

Apple on the iPhone 6s equipped with 3D Touch features really give the user a considerable convenience. Therefore, users expect 3D Touch function can also be further used in the control center, iOS 10 can contribute to the Andrew system as quickly turn this setting to adjust the project through detailed control list.

Control centers to third-party App

As iOS devices for convenient access to features shortcuts users naturally want iOS 10 control center can open to third-party App features, such as calendar, healthy tracing App, if you can open directly in the control center, combining 3D Touch the function is expected to allow users to further enhance the operating experience.

Join dark theme

Even whether you can freely change the theme of the Android platform, and even Microsoft launched Windows 10 platform has a dark theme, and how Apple could use blue eye low gimmick fool consumers? If iOS 10 dark theme if launched, will help iPhone and iPad users can be reduced because light stimulation caused by eye fatigue, can be said to be quite useful feature.

Message preview richer

Currently LINE App ready for users to transfer URLs provide more detailed content of the page. The MacStories team hope that Apple can do in a similar part of the message of the upgrade, that is, iOS 10, so that key posts within (such as specific App), automatic side generates relevant information in the message, in order to quickly master the other side Information.

Optional Common Emoji keyboard symbol

Through Emoji symbols can make the atmosphere more lively dialogue. In this regard, many people are accustomed to using Emoji symbols in the chat, if iOS 10 can for this habit, create keyboard "to quickly select frequently Emoji" shortcut, will greatly improve the iPhone and iPad users to use Emoji symbols trouble.

Individual contact's "Do Not Disturb" setting

If you want to avoid interference, usually the user directly to the device muted. But if you want to avoid certain people at certain times of interference it? The team hopes this MacStories iOS 10 can be added for individual contacts Design Do Not Disturb mode, after opening the message from the other side would not appear to notice the sound.

Better File Explorer

For business users, a good file manager to help at any time to obtain the necessary information, which can directly improve the iPad in the business on the application. So iOS 10 was supposed to adjust iCloud Drive interface, provide a clearer classification, open the way to class, and quick preview function. In addition, you can paste the importance of archives for the labels, should also join in this new system.

Split screen closer to the Windows experience

Since accustomed to "drag" function of the computer, so the team also hopes to join the iOS 10 split screen function of this application, which is directly to a text message within a window, through drag to paste another App. Other pictures like this can also be directly affixed, split-screen notification message can be pulled directly open the App, as well as split-screen can be changed independently want to turn the App, a lot of concepts and functions of the current Windows 10 is quite similar.

Siri API launch

Since A think Apple Siri function so convenient, so through the introduction of Siri API, allows users via voice assistant feature Siri, the direct use of all kinds of App, is obviously a good idea. Add to travel directly from Siri like in 2Do Task App, the direct use Siri to say at App convey to each other through communication, can significantly enhance the operating experience iOS device.

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