Wednesday, May 4, 2016

iOS10: Or Added Six New Features

iOS10 has entered the development stage or added six new features. Although this time talking about iOS 10 is a relatively long way off, but the site has been reported earlier, in preparation for the next WWDC in June, iOS 10 has entered the early stages of development, what will bring the next generation of Apple's iPhone.

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1. Multiple Apple ID to sign in

This is from the fourth generation of Apple TV to produce a "fantasy", many people will iTunes download applications and games from outside of Taiwan / Hong Kong, if two or more Apple ID can sign in to multiple iPhone, then like 4th generation Apple TV-like, through the rapid conversion Apple ID is more convenient to buy different national applications and insourcing project.

2. Application preview

The number of iOS applications up to over one million, it is rich in content, but only the image displayed, the user may not know how to use the application, Apple can provide application preview, make it easier for users to know this application.

3. iCloud Drive new local file manager!

Sometimes, we downloaded from the network into the iOS file, in addition to pictures, music, videos, e-books PDF files, other files may have to dump the iCloud Drive or other cloud storage. That if we can make good use of iPhone 64GB and 128GB of space for iCloud Drive app to add a local file manager, you can more easily manage the downloaded files.

4. Remove the preload App

Many people on the iOS App preload is upset, why he did not used but could not be deleted. Apple has mentioned delete native application compatibility problems will lead to more on. If you really want to "remove" preload App, it is more likely to add to hide preload App features like iCloud Drive as freely hide or show icons.

5. Continue to enter the smart home

Following Apple Pay, Apple had tried to enter the home market, Apple released smart home program called HomeKit, but as smart home control iOS failed to provide a unified control interface, and the emergence of iOS 10, will join a named home applications, the smart phone into a family center?

6. The screen color temperature adjustment

Apple declined earlier called f.lux color temperature regulation applications shelves, but many users have used the application, claiming that blue light can reduce the damage to the eyes. However, this feature will seriously affect the iPhone display color, and the self-incompatibility strategy Apple, Apple should even f.lux otherwise have bought, set this function into the App "display brightness" option up.

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