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iOS 9 Feature, Release Date, Update And News

Welcome to a site dedicated to provide all news about iOS 9 whether it is official or unofficial. Here you can find all updates, release date, features, news, downloads and applications of iOS 9. We know, every user of iPhones and iPad are very excited for iOS 9 and waiting for new major update of iOS that will give you better and interactive experience of your iPhone.

Apple’s unveiling of the iOS 8 has solicited a mixed response throughout tech forums online.  While apple fans are still in awe of the many improvements in comparison to the earlier IOS 7, Tech gurus aren’t quite satisfied with certain critical problems still existing in the new launch. There is some hope coupled with speculation that apple will address criticism in the issues below with improvement expected in the iOS 9.

Apple updates its mobile operating system iOS every year for better user satisfaction and quality experience. The next operating system which is going to update in iPhones and iPads is iOS 9. It will be the most awaited operating system among the all iOS. We all are very excited for the new update of iOS 9. After the launching of iPhone 6, our expectation has increased. As it is possible that iOS 9 update may be come with apple’s brand new mobile handset iPhone 6.

Still there is no words from Apple that what features it will have, but the rumors are continue. Some expected or rumors features about iOS 9 are given by us as below. Like what services Apple will give in iOS 9 and many more. Hope you are very excited about iOS 9, enjoy the expected features of iOS 9.

iOS 9 Release Date:
iOS 9,codenamed Monarch will be the major update after iOS 8 and will be the next generation mobile operating system of Apple. By major update we mean those updates that bring big change in the UI(User Interface). There are minor updates as well which bring minor changes, like in iOS 7, there are many minor updates 7.1, 7.2 and many more. iOS 8 was announced in June, 2014 by Apple at WWDC and released in Q4 2014. Apple brings one major iOS update every year. The next major update will be iOS 9.

Considering Apple pattern of releasing new iOS every year, we are predicting that iOS 9 might be announced in June, 2015 by Apple at WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference). It may be possible that it will release soon after few months of announcement.

After announcing, iOS 9 will be available in its beta 1 version. There will be some beta version of iOS 9 made by Apple developers for testing. Then after testing Apple will release the iOS 9 for public. After releasing iOS 9 for public, apple will update this operating system in all its latest iPhones and iPads. Apple may target that all iPhones and iPads users should be able to take experience of iOS 9. You can know more about iOS 9 release date here.

iOS 9 Features: Rumor:
Interactive Notifications and Actionable Push Services: The huge demand for interactive home screen widgets have brought about improvements in the IOS 8. With the iOS 9, we hopes Apple provide actionable push services which enabling users immediate access to notifications. In line interaction enabling user response to FB requests and likes, replying to messages and information on current events.

Free iCloud Services Corresponding to Storage: The iOS 8 has improved upon faulty syncing resulting in loss of data and corrupted files. I clouds beta photo library will be available for all users in the iOS 9. Free I cloud storage which will correspond to the phones internal storage capacity. Currently the only improvement over client services has seen the introduction of apple pay in the iOS 8 that enables instant payments for I cloud services.
Effective iFile Manager: While most smart phones feature faulty file management applications. Apple has the potential to implement a truly effective file manager. This will feature streamlined file sharing to allow similar systems to access the ITunes directories. A single platform to perform tasks that till now require one or more apps to accomplish.

Push Services For Switching Networks: the iOS 9 will address one of the biggest problems being faced by apple users. It is annoying for any mobile user to see his phone features cut off due to unavailability of existing networks so if your apple features in 3G mode and the network are poor you’re stuck. Improvements in the iOS 9 will enable easy switching between 3G and 2G networks to ensure uninterrupted service.
Advanced Siri: Siri will feature better voice based systems to stay ahead of Android’s Google now and Microsoft’s Cortana. A perfected siri program will feature enhanced language simulation and mobility to perform tasks even without connectivity.
iDroid Based Application: The iOS 9 will ensure that apple stays one step ahead by featuring a simulator to emulate android based smartphone features. What you get is an apple system with all of the iDorid experience.

Business and Office Applications with CRM and ERP: What the iOS system really needs is an integrated application like NetSuite which enables real time accessibility to various information. Developments in the iOS 9 will address business concerns with ERP and CRM applications. The result will be a workforce equipped with better mobility.

Smart-Connect: The apple smart connect feature is all set to get smarter with the iOS 9. With wireless protocol function such as the Home Kit being features in the iOS 8. There is an assured improvement for the iOS 9 . Smart connect will enable you to access music right from your Bluetooth device. Connectivity with your home network using the Home Kit simulator will enable a single remote interface for television, audio systems, lighting and various home appliances.

Even as the iOS 8 is being rolled out, suggestions and discussions for improvements to the iOS 9 are already underway.  Such improvements are not just for marketing features but necessary developments to ensure the exclusivity of apple gadgets as a stand out brand whose future launches are always awaited with great anticipation.

iOS 9 Concepts:
The below iOS 9 concepts video discuss exciting new features for the upcoming iOS. The concept is beautifully designed sharing features like history in settings, search settings, color look, night mode, Siri spell, smart shuffle and lots more. You can check out detailed review of iOS 9 concept here.

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