Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Apple iOS 11 Update: 2017 iOS 11 New Features

The next update to Apple's mobile operating system, iOS 11, is already in development at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, California. Here the new features and what we know so far of 2017 iOS 11 will be discussed in this article.


When Will The 2017 iOS 11 Be Released?
Apple's most recent full version update of iOS, iOS 10, was released to the public in September 2016. It also has been previewed at Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference and released to developers following that event, according to Mac World.

If Apple follows its custom, fans can expect it to showcase its plans for the new iOS in June WWDC 2017, and then release the beta to developers. However, if it does not happen, fans can then expect the company to release iOS 11 later September.

What Are The 2017 iOS 11 New Features?
Mac Rumors reported that Apple could be planning to implement group FaceTime capabilities for the first time, bringing its FaceTime video service in line with Skype and other competing services. Furthermore, iOS 11 will let users start multi-person calls through a group conversation in iMessage and it will be up to five people at once.

2017 iOS 11 Might End All 32-Bit Support
The arrival of iOS 11 could spell bad news for those running 32-bit iPhones, according to Know Your Mobile. Apple might stop supporting 32-bit applications inside iOS 11, meaning those with anything older than an iPhone 5s will not be able to download the software.

Meanwhile, notes inside Apple's iOS 10.3 beta build have warned developers that iOS 11 will stop supporting 32-bit altogether. Apple has also been leaning on developers for the last couple of builds of iOS, but it now seems as if the period of support for 32-bit is coming to an end.

"Apps that aren't updated to support 64-bit likely will be culled from the App Store," reports Inc. "Last year, the company had pledged to remove apps that were orphaned, outdated, no longer met guidelines, or were in some way borked if they remained as was after 7 September."

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