Tuesday, April 25, 2017

iOS 11 will Add Six New Features

According to the survey, the latest OLED screen version of iPhone 8 will be equipped with 5.8-inch screen, resolution up to 2800 × 1242 pixels. In addition, the bottom of the screen area will be equipped with a virtual button control area (including the Touch ID Home key). So, the actual screen size is 5.15 inches (2436 x 1125 pixels).

Since the launch of iOS 10 in September before the release of iPhone 7, the market has been circulating iOS 11 new features, here for you to summarize the future iOS 11 may appear new features and functional improvements.

1. New mode - Dark Mode

Cracker found that iOS hidden dark mode, which is the original white interface black, text white, but the blue part is not anti-orange, iOS 11 will join the dark mode, still need to pay attention.

2. More perfect Siri

In iOS 11, Apple Siri may be more perfect, more natural to read the voice, and will be more intelligent and more naughty.

3. FaceTIme group video call

Earlier this year, it was reported that iOS 11 will add group video communication via the iMessage group so that groups of 2 or more can talk face to face.

4. Apple map has been improved

In order to improve the quality of the map, Apple acquired a number of map development companies for new indoor navigation in iOS 11 and improved map content.

5. Video sharing App

IOS 11 In addition to the movie App, you can also have a video sharing App, Bloomberg Web site reference message to describe the video sharing application similar to Instagram and Snapchat video sharing function, like Apple's social network share.

6. Contact status

This feature is inspired by a patent from Apple, then the application system is iOS 10, but eventually did not join. The contact status feature, like MSN Messenger, can show the status of another contact, such as normal use, no electricity logout, in flight mode, and so on, and then displayed in the address book.

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