Tuesday, April 25, 2017

iOS11 Exposes A New Feature - Sharing Function

According to foreign media broke the news, at the Apple Developer Conference, the company announced that the next version of the iOS system, that is, iOS 11 and macOS will use the new sharing function.

Now iOS iOS 10.3 iOS sharing menu is poor, need to complete many steps, such as open the sharing menu, first click on the message icon, and then start typing the contact name, select it from the contact list, and finally click Send.

In the newly released editing software, Apple has simplified the sharing process, the specific implementation steps are: add a row of contacts shortcuts, suggestions, or logo video (according to the characteristics of people in the video check out).

In other words, click on the contact, then the message will open the contact field automatically filled and then send it directly. For example, when I click on the Share button in Chrome, a series of conversational shortcuts are based on who recently spoke with the application, the grid application populates, and automatically populates it.

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