Monday, September 7, 2015

Good news about iOS 9: The IOS 9 allows block ads

September 9, Apple will hold a new conference, and is expected to iOS9 operating system will debut with two new phones, but according to US media reports, there is a trade at this time but worried: As iOS9 the Apple will allow external advertising blocking software, media industry fear for their mobile advertising revenues will suffer shocks.

Some industry insiders also believe that Apple iOS9 allow ad blocker, will own the new "Apple news clients' benefit.

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Prior to this, Apple's version of the Safari browser, has approved third-party ad-blocking plug-ins. But before the launch of iOS9 beta, Apple also allows external ad blocking software operation. With large area iOS9 official release, the media industry will be more worried about Apple phone users, select intercept own advertising.

For traditional media industry, Apple's move is undoubtedly bad news, in the mobile phone peace panel, the traditional media are doing everything possible to strive for more mobile advertising share, but if the world's hundreds of millions of Apple phone and tablet users, easy realized ad-blocking, which means that the media company's mobile advertising revenue will be reduced.

CEO of the digital media industry organization "Digital Content Future" (members include News Corporation, "New York Times", etc.) Jason Kint said: "The real problem of ad-blocking and is intensifying, iOS allows advertisers to intercept will accelerate this phenomenon ʱ??

Since iOS users is huge, Apple has the ability to bring mobile advertising market shock. According to market research firm comScore statistics, the total time mobile phone users to access the site in July, iOS devices accounted for 43%.

As a contrast, Google's mobile version Chrome browser currently does not allow third-party ad-blocking plug-ins to run.

Media industry executives said Apple's move to support ad blocking, will make them even more difficult in the mobile advertising market. According to market research firm eMarketer's data, in 2013 the global mobile advertising capacity of $ 19 billion, will grow to $ 69 billion this year. Also in 2016, the entire online advertising, mobile advertising accounted for more than half will be.

According to reports, Apple iOS9 system and the device does not automatically default to support ad blocking, users need to download third-party software and plug-ins. Apple does not provide advertising services and tools to intercept, but will allow external developers to do it.

Insiders said that, in view of Apple's influence in the technology industry, Apple supports ad-blocking, ad blocking will make the future even more widespread.

For Apple, the support of ad-blocking help to improve the user experience of Apple, which will allow mobile site pages load faster, cleaner additional page.

Many industry insiders pointed out that Apple supports ad-blocking move will also help the company's upcoming release of "Apple news client." If Apple Safari browser supports ad blocking, more news media will have and Apple news clients to cooperate, in accordance with the previously announced, Apple will put the client advertising revenue Seventy distributed to news media companies.

An industry source said that Apple's move to support ad-blocking, it seems that some of the "double standard." Because Apple's own news client will rely on advertising revenue, and Apple will also get advertising into.

Earlier, the New York Times, the Daily Mail, Time Inc., Atlantic magazine and other media have reached an agreement with Apple, Apple will give news client offers.

An online advertising company responsible Eric Franchi said, there are still many unknown factors, Apple iOS9 support ad blocking, whether it will bring a huge impact on media advertising revenues, the current forecast is premature. There is a mystery in the end how much Apple users will download blocker.

Ad-blocking tools developer Crystal Murphy (Dean Murphy) said that in the browser blocks iOS9 advertising experiments show that the browser user experience and performance will be improved. Murphy said that without advertising pages load faster, additional network bandwidth consumption is also less.

Murphy said he realized that ad blocking will bring revenue losses to media sites, but the current proliferation of mobile version of the site advertising, web messy, bad user browsing experience, must take some action to change the status quo.

Murphy said that if the mobile site operators after the addition of advertising leads to reduced load speed into two, which can accept, but now added advertising pages, download speed is reduced three times, the entire mobile web advertising has been completely out of control ʱ??

Another industry, said his network advertising company is currently helping customers create faster loading of advertising, the interference caused by the user will be reduced, which would discourage viewers to download and install ad-blocking tools thoughts.

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