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Apple iOS 9 official version upgrade Considerations Summary before iOS 9 Upgrading

Apple iOS 9 Upgrade Considerations Summary Before iOS 9 Upgrading: Update Your iPhone to iOS 9 Considerations Summary

Update: Apple has officially pushed iOS9 official version, on various issues firmware download, update upgrades, etc.
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On the early morning of September 10 Apple new fall conference, Eddy Cue, senior vice president of Apple announced the launch of the official version iOS9 time is September 16 (US time). Combined with previous practice, Apple is likely to push a little iOS9 official version of the firmware update in Beijing on September 17 morning.

The upgrade process itself is nothing difficult, but some new changes and matters before the upgrade to note iOS9, or it is necessary to reiterate and novice friends, we bring you a look.

1, The important thing on the front, please backup your iPhone data.

For the sake of security, it is strongly recommended that you use iTunes or iCloud to conduct a complete data backup, which can be your all local applications and data were stored outside iCloud backup, restore, you can choose to restore all applications and data as needed, or remove them.

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What to do before upgrade iPhone to iOS 9

After updating to iOS9, you can set up the backup in the initial page, choose to use iCloud or iTunes to restore executed, in addition, iOS9 also added a "transfer of data from Android devices" feature, users can install the "shift to iOS" Andrews application (to be released together with iOS9), by wireless means, the Android phone contacts, messages, photos and videos, browser bookmarks, mail accounts and calendars migrate to iOS devices. At the same time, iOS device will automatically download and install the free application you use on Android phones, the application fee will be added to the App Store's "Wish List" in.

Update: the current "transferred to iOS" application has been officially added to Google applications store, use, etc. See: "draw Android users: Apple's official" transferred to iOS "application Added"
Of course, you can also upgrade to new equipment after the iOS9 to experience, from "Settings -iCloud- Backup" or perform a restore from iTunes in later.

2, has been upgraded to iOS9 GM also can receive push updates iOS9 official version?

Update: Apple September 17 early morning push iOS9 official firmware version number is 13A344, GM version (13A340) can also be OTA update, iPhone6 ​​update package is 42.3MB.
The current version iOS9 GM's No. 13A340, from past practice point of view, it should be fully consistent with Apple tomorrow iOS9 push the official version, the version number, and we can pass the information to the official version of MD5 for authentication firmware ipsw. Therefore, iOS9GM version will not receive this update to remind future Apple released after iOS9.0.1, use iOS9 GM users can also directly through the "Settings - General - Software Update" direct OTA upgrade.

We had also put together for everyone "Apple iOS9 GM firmware download Daquan" and "Apple iOS9.1 Beta1 firmware download Daquan", interested friends can download the corresponding firmware package, use the "Shift + by iTunes update (data retention) / Recovery (do not retain data), "the way the brush into the first experience.
However, in iOS9.1 Beta1, the micro-channel, Netease cloud music and other common application compatibility, there are more problems, such as micro-channel wallet disappeared, some users can not display public No. article, unacceptable push, small voice and video can not be playback. In addition, the backup on iOS9.1 Beta1 can not be restored to the iOS9, caution is recommended that you upgrade.

3, jailbreak users need special attention

After upgrading to iOS9, it means you temporary farewell to escape, although Great God iH8snow video shows iOS9 perfect escape, but for the public release of the jailbreak tool remains elusive, and verify iOS8.4 has been closed, once you choose not to upgrade will no longer return gone.

recover jailbreak iphone data after ios 9 update
It is worth mentioning that Apple iOS9 he also opened a little function, after the US version the user can select the update comes squared Pinyin panel, eliminates the need to modify system files to change versions.
For the jailbreak users, please download the official version after iOS9 push firmware in iTunes to perform a full recovery, direct OTA update may encounter white Apple and many other issues.

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4,16GB version of the user gospel: iOS9 update will significantly reduce the space required

iOS9 significantly streamlined the remaining space needed update, the previous iOS8 official version updates the required volume of up to about 4.5GB, while iOS9 update requires only about 1.3GB, 16GB version for users is definitely a godsend.

In addition, iOS9 also supports "App Thinning" application thin function, can only download the current application and infrastructure resources, applications will also significantly reduce the amount of space required for the model, for example, in iOS9, the "Real Racing 3" This large-scale After the game installation footprint will be reduced to 1GB, the system will automatically download other data late for automatic finishing.

5. After you upgrade to iOS9, Apple ID account security mechanism will be upgraded to two-factor authentication.

In addition to the original password uppercase and lowercase letters + numbers, Apple will enable two-factor authentication mechanism on iOS9, once turned on, whenever you use a new device or from the web-side landing, will be asked to enter a verification code sent Apple The verification code will be displayed on the Apple device or SMS authentication to login, enter verification code.

At the same time, the original password lock screen upgrade from 4 to 6, allows the user to change the password options back to four passwords.

6. Which devices can be upgraded to iOS9 official version of the system?

Finally, ask in advance for your device is fully charged, and the use of original or certified data line Apple iTunes upgrade. We will begin to push after the official version iOS9, first time for everyone to bring relevant news reports and official version of the firmware download Daquan iOS9, so stay tuned

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