Monday, September 7, 2015

Apple company plan to develope Android software

Recently, the media noted that Apple released in the official website recruitment notices to recruit Android developers to develop more new Android software. Apple sleeve in the end sell drugs? Forbes website issued a document that Apple Android software development, not simply for their pioneering Internet service users, Apple's execution is a Trojan horse program, namely the use of Android software, Android users will be attracted to the apple of Applied Ecology and cloud service system Come.

So far, Apple has only two Android software, namely Apple's music Android client (not yet released the official version) and a help Android users to migrate data to the iPhone tools. Apple job posting emphasized that recruitment positions will develop "new" Andrews tool.

Apple company plan to develope Android software
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Forbes website states that Microsoft is being so open up for the Android and iOS platform development software fanaticism for its own cloud service users, while Apple and Microsoft distinct, Apple rarely develop software for other platforms.

Forbes believes that Apple software developers Andrews greater strategic ambition is to be introduced into the ecosystem of Android users of Apple in the past.

In the smart phone market, Apple's main focus on high-end, swallowed whole industry ninety percent of the profits. But the cost of high-profit market share is low. Currently in the global smart phone market, Android market share of 85 per cent, about one sixth of Apple's iOS only Andrews. Android platform mass users, Apple has no small attraction.

Apple VS Android
Through other platform software to the user to pull their own ecosystem, Apple's history have had successful experiences.

So far, Apple's non-Apple operating system developed by the best-known software applications, comes as the Windows version of iTunes clients can purchase content Apple's music store, you can also listen to music, listening to various podcasts.

released Windows version of iTunes, Apple company has tasted great sweetness. Prior to release, Apple's iPod music player is just a niche operating system dependent on a niche consumer electronic devices, and after entering Windows, iPod and music store to get more attention and user groups, many Windows users to enter Apple's hardware and software to the ecological, which also helped in 2007 Apple released the iPhone, get more people's attention.

According to the analysis, Windows version of iTunes software, allowing users to understand Apple's products and eco-found ecological alternative to an application outside of Windows.

Forbes website that Apple launched the Android version of music clients, but after Apple launched the iTunes software for the Windows twelve years, which indicates that Apple is ready to pick up the strategy of the year, the new rival for Android.

Android version of Apple's music is not just a single music service. Android users who want to try, you need to sign up for an Apple account. Further follow-up users to create playlists, or offline to enjoy the music stored on multiple devices or sync music, we need to use Apple's cloud services.

Forbes website that, once a user enters Andrews Apple's cloud service system, to prove Apple's "Trojan horse" strategy began to work.

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