Monday, September 7, 2015

iPhone 6c and iPhone 6S will be released at the same time

Before there is technology blog said that Apple will re-launch iPhone 6c successor as iPhone 5c, and 4-inch screen will return to the camp. Compared with the iPhone 5c, iPhone 6c will use metal body, and is expected to be released simultaneously with the next-generation iPad in the first half of next year.

Recently, the famous Great Godevleaks again broke the news on his Twitter iPhone 6c of news exposure. He said the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6c will also debut, but for the source of the message, the great god refused to disclose more information. Given before exposure before evleaks accuracy rate is quite high, so for the next month's Apple conference, we have enough reason to expect except iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus the third in iPhone.

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Currently, the news about iPhone 6c we still know little about, except the metal chassis before the exposure time and greater than 1715 mA when the battery capacity of 1500 mA predecessor iPhone 5c outside, and no more messages. Additionally iPhone 6c processors will also use FinFET technology, using Samsung's 14nm or 16nm TSMC process. Further, the screen size of iPhone 6c, is widely believed will again return to four inches or so.

Anyway, we are now on the Apple press conference on September 9 there are too many expectations, to the time exactly how the real-time, we can wait together.

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