Monday, September 7, 2015

iPhone 6s expected sale on September 18, iPhone 6s Advertising leaked in advance!

Technology Web site macrumors sources said that at least two major German operators receive advance notification of the new iPhone market, it has planned Sept. 18 sale iPhone 6s, while other regions, including China are expected to simultaneous release!

Then came tubing iPhone 6s on top-secret internal advertising, 6s actually there are so many colors? ʱ??

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Anyway, finishing at various rumors, then Apple's September schedule is:

If Apple September 9 held a press conference, then,

Then it may be on September 11 (Friday) the new iPhone Book,

Is likely to be next Friday, September 18 is officially listed iPhone 6s.

If there is no accident, then, iPhone will be the first listing of areas in the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, Italy and a number of key markets, such as the Greater China market. That 6s likely debut in China!

iPhone 6s finally hard time!
Foreign media Unbox Therapy to get ahead of the Tyrant gold iPhone 6s cover (do not ask how to do lo), contrast iPhone 6 were the ultimate breaking bend test results were shocking!

Just 30 pounds of pressure, the famous soft egg iPhone 6 was breaking bend!

iPhone 6s screen really want to evolution!
Another foreign websites have received in advance of the iPhone 6s MacManiack screen assembly (do not ask how lo do)!

After comparison found, iPhone 6s really uses Apple watch the same paragraph Force Touch touch-sensing technology.

In order to accommodate this component, iPhone 6s screen assembly also adopted different from the iPhone 6 cable design.

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