Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Apple iOS9 upgrade of the official version and firmware Brush tutorial

How to update from iOS8.3 / iOS8.4 / iOS8.4.1 iOS9 upgrade to the official version?

Unexpected encounter white apple, how to continue an upgrade to iOS9 system?

How to use the brush into iOS9 official version of iTunes IPSW firmware?

iOS9 GM / iOS9.1 Beta1 iOS9 how to upgrade to the official version of the system?

Every time Apple introduced major version iOS firmware update, there is always a lot of novice friends encounter this or that kind of update, we had to prepare a detailed tutorial to upgrade this part of the users, take a look. Remind again, the official version of Apple iOS9 push system will be formally updated on at 1:00 on September 17 Beijing time, then, we will bring you news stories and related firmware download Daquan the first time, so stay tuned.

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1, way: online direct OTA update
Apple iOS9 official version of the system will be in Beijing at 1:00 on September 17 officially push, after the user will receive an update pop prompt, you can also go directly to "Settings - General - Software Update" in the check for updates to the new version after inspection directly download and follow the prompts to install the update.

It is worth mentioning is that the iOS9 significantly reduce the space required for system updates, probably only need about 1.3GB.
2. Second way: download the corresponding firmware package, use the brush into iTunes.

① 12.2.2 download and install the latest version of iTunes (click here to download), older versions may be able to brush into the firmware, but can not make subsequent connections and synchronization.

② based on your specific device version, download the corresponding iOS9 official version IPSW firmware package. We will also begin to push after the official version iOS9, first time for everyone to sort out the appropriate firmware download Daquan, so stay tuned.
③ First on iOS devices, turn off the "Setting -iCloud- Find My iPhone" feature, then hold down the "Shift" key on the keyboard, click on the "Check for updates" or "restore iPhone ..." can be. The former will retain all your applications and data to be updated, which will clear the data in new ways into the brush, if necessary, make a backup in advance with iCloud or iTunes.

3. Three ways: white apple, using brush into DFU mode.
If you encounter white Apple and other issues during the update, do not worry, the direct use DFU mode can be updated. Enter DFU mode is also very simple, in the case of shutdown, while holding down the "power button" and "Home" key to boot, release the power button when there is when Apple Logo, continue to hold the "Home" button for some time, after iOS Equipment will enter DFU mode, then use the data cable to connect to iTunes, and then follow the "way 2 - ③" Method normal brush into the corresponding firmware package can be.

4. Four ways: Apple iOS9 Beta, iOS9 GM, iOS9.1 Beta1 users how to upgrade to the official version of the system iOS9?
In accordance with previous practice, iOS9 GM (version number 13A340) official version and 17 am about to push should be exactly the same, so this part of the user will be unable to receive an update prompt, after the late iOS9.0.1 released for normal upgrade from GM. The iOS9.1 Beta1 version will soon push higher version, naturally you can not receive the update.

If you want to re-brush into iOS9 official version of the firmware, then only in accordance with the method "second way" to offer, download the corresponding firmware, and then use the brush into iTunes. For iOS9.1 Beta1 beta users, we need to first remove the profile after the installation, restart, then normal brush can.

We will begin to push after the official version iOS9, first time for everyone to bring relevant news reports and official version of the firmware download Daquan iOS9, so stay tuned.
Finally, we have prepared a final version before the upgrade considerations iOS9 summary, tonight, we will work together with everyone waiting for the arrival of the official version iOS9.

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