Monday, September 7, 2015

iPhone 6s will be on sale in the September 25, pink iPhone 6s machine early exposure

Tips: British telecom operator Vodafone's an internal e-mail display, Iphone 6s upcoming Sept. 25 listing, September 18 can be scheduled to accept it! The most critical is! The launch of the pink! Pink! Pink version iphone! The important thing to say three times! US cry ~ I believe you are already in place, already unable to bear the excitement of the heart. First to see it now

1. million-pixel camera

The news came out is not to make small partners are keen to self-timer feel happy acridine! The new 12 million pixel camera, support for 4K recording and slow-motion shooting, optimized night mode; at the same time, for the first time supports panorama mode, multiplayer self-timer, then more cool! In addition, code displays the iPhone's front camera will be equipped with flash.

As we all know that the iPhone 6s running iOS 9,if you use iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 4s,ect before,you can upgrade your old iPhone to iOS 9.

Read this use guide about how to upgrade iPhone to iOS 9

What your need to do before Upgrading Your iPhone iPad to iOS 9

2. A9 processor will be powered by high-profile

iphone 6s will be powered by A9 processor, processing performance faster and more power; at the same time, the battery capacity is a minor upgrade that will support fast charging.

3. Memory Upgrade to 2GB LPDDR4

Body size is still 16GB start, but running out of memory for the first time to upgrade to 2GB. The various programs run more smoothly!

4.The phone will not be breaking the bend

It is reported that, iPhone 6S is likely to use Apple's custom 7000 series aluminum alloy.

5. Optimize the design to enhance the experience

iphone 6s will also improve internal mechanical design, enhance the user experience Touch ID and push up Apple Pay permeability. Equipped Force Touch feature that identifies pressing induction efforts to achieve a simplified experience.

6. New color pink dream

The most exciting news into the final! This new addition to the legendary iphone6s long, so the majority of mm pink cherished. Yes fans, the prototype has been exposed! The new family to join Apple iPhone6s pink version will also provide 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches screen are two versions to choose from! (If today without the pink, the girls will not so crazy ..)

Last iphone new Tyrant gold when directly buying stock, this is conceivable, it says to those hardware upgrades are clouds, only the pink one, direct selling out of stock!

Really can not stand is the United States, and then look at the last point ......

Originally it still a little doubt, but in the past few months, Apple pink machine exposure time, we will have to start looking!

But Xiao Bian I still want to say a word to Apple. ! ! Do not make me

Many people see the heart should be like me. ! ! Especially those who finally gave his girlfriend bought a golden iPhone 6 Plus those. ! !

I say apple, you are doing nothing good out of a pink too!So how many men to sell their kidneys! Ha ha ha

Tips: Before selling your old iPhone and buy a new iPhone 6s,you must to wipe all data from old iPhone permanently before selling

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