Thursday, September 10, 2015

iOS 9 available on September 16: 5 Considerations your must to know before upgrade to iOS 9

Since June 10 Apple released iOS 9 developer preview version, test iOS 9 has lasted three months, and then on the morning of the new fall conference, Apple announced iOS 9 official version will be global in September 16 Synchronization updates! Before you decide to update, take a look at these notes!

1. Want to upgrade, not necessarily to successfully upgrade your iPhone!

From the model point of view Apple conference to announce, iPhone 4s (or more), iPad 2 (or more), Air whole series, mini whole series there iTouch 5 generations before they can upgrade to iOS 9! iPhone 4 users are in the toilet crying halo! ITouch and iPad 1 and other users in the next toilet faint cry!

2. Want to escape, want to try the new system? No!

I will not speak iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak 8.4 Emergency plugging loopholes for jailbreak iOS 9 also will not appear too fast! So students do not have to worry upgrade jailbreak 9! Then a little more than a few days and so on!

3.iOS 9 capacity, although small, the deletion of the application must also be deleted!

iOS 9 installation space required for iOS 8 is nearly 70 percent smaller, but still have 1.3GB! Are still using 8 GB version of the iPhone's user laughed and cried! Please take this opportunity to quickly put you those (bad shot) photographs, (heard countless times) music, (two months have not touched once) delete delete delete all applications!

4. Upgrade risk, and quickly to backup your data!

Whether it is not with iTunes upgrades are likely halfway interruption, even blue! So first backup once, you can boldly brush iOS 9 went!

Tips: Before upgrading your iPhone, iPad to iOS 9,you must to backup all data from ios devices.If you bakcup iPhone data with iTunes,it's very slowly and it can't help you backup iPhone contacts and text messages. Here,we recommend you use this iOS Data Manager to backup everything from iPhone, iPad to computer,including contacts, text messages, photos, videos,notes,ect.

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Backup iPhone iPad data to computer

5. Critical moment, how can your iPhone without electricity?

The firmware is downloaded, and is being upgraded, popping it, power is not enough, interrupted, and white apple! If you happen not to back up, every minute faint cry in the dressing room!

iPhone must ensure adequate power during the upgrade process! Because the installation process is very power-hungry! But with a data cable connection iTunes upgrade you do not have this pressure it!

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Tips: If you forgot backuped your iPhone data after update the ios device to iOS 9,it may erase all contents on your iPhone, iPad.Once failed update your iPhone, iPad to iOS 9,it might cause lost data on iPhone, iPad after upgrading to iOS 9.However,some people may ask how to restore lost iPhone, iPad data after update to iOS 9? Please read more as below:

Recover lost data from iPhone after update to iOS 9

Recover lost data from iPad after update to iOS 9

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