Saturday, September 19, 2015

How to Transfer Contacts,SMS from Samsung and iPhone 8/7/6S

There will be no big differences if you switch from Android to Android, or from iPhone to iPhone. However, if change platforms, say from Android to iOS,liking transfer Samsung contacts to iPhone 8/7,sync iPhone sms to Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/Huawei Mate 9/P10,etc.It will not only be a headache but a shock to the new operating system for some people. Your old phone has been with you for several years and it’s set up how you like it - with all of your contacts, messages, music, apps, settings, etc. And your new phone with different system has unique manipulation idiom. So how to move all of that precious data from your old phone to your new handset? That is why  Phone Transfer was developed.

Transfer contacts from Samsung to iPhone
As the replacement of electronic products faster and faster, people change their mobile phones much more frequently. As the phone makes technological advances it is becoming more and more common for a person to store personal and business contact information on their phone. For this reason, user to need to master some useful approaches to transfer contacts from your Samsung Galaxy to new iPhone 6S. The most commonly used method is to connect the old phone to the computer, and to transfer the contacts to the computer. But this method often has many disadvantages. First of all, this method needs a lot of steps, this method can only transfer limited information of the contacts, while other significant information is ignored. What's more, some apps allow users to manually share contacts one by one; sadly, you can only share one contact at a time. It would take much time if you have hundreds or thousands of contacts to be shared.

Transfer Samsung Contacts to iPhone 7/6S with Phone Transfer

Phone Transfer, as the name implies, can help you transfer your data, including photos, videos, text messages (MMS included), contacts, music, call logs, apps, etc. are all transferrable. No matter you use which phone brand, Samsung S6/S6 edge, HTC M8/M9, LG G4/G3, Sony Z3, Motorola, iPhone 6s/ 6s Plus/ 6/ 6 Plus, etc. Sounds great, isn't it? Let's taking copy contacts from Samsung S5 to iPhone 7 for example.

How to Transfer Data from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone 8/7

Step 1 Launch Phone Transfer on PC
After downloading and installing Phone Transfer, the interface will be shown as below.

Note: To manage iPhone data, you are required to make sure that you have installed iTunes on your computer before. If you haven’t, the interface will remind you to install one before transferring the precious data between Android and iOS.

Step 2 Connect Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6 to PC
After launching the program – Phone Transfer on your computer, you will see your Samsung and iPhone displayed as below, source device on the left and the destination one on the right. If you want to change the two ways, you can click "Flip" to easily set your Samsung as the source device

Step 3 Transfer Contacts between Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6s

After both the phone connected well connected, all the transferrable data type will be listed between the two devices. You can tick the one you want to transfer and click "Start Copy".

After that, the contacts, messages, videos, photos, music, etc. that you have chose just now will be transferred into your iPhone 6. What you need to do is to click "OK" to finish it.

As you can see, you can transfer your precious data with 3 simple ways. That is, download, connect and transfer. Clearly and easily operated, isn’t it? Why not have a try, you can easily copy your Samsung Galaxy S6/S5 data to your iPhone 6s. Download it and have it a try on your own.

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