Monday, September 7, 2015

iPhone 7/ iPhone 6S Render design: iPhone 6S Beautiful Pictures

IPhone 6S shape can expect major changes, the reality may not be so, but in longing iPhone 7 is still possible, but there is a little big IOUs, projecting camera disappear, whether the people are very disgusted with the foreigners this design.

Foreign designers now have sent a iPhone design renderings 7, it seems not an exaggeration, but not unrealistic, people feel very comfortable, very natural, and more importantly, as long as Apple is willing to be able to do it ʱ??

The designer of the iPhone 7, the appearance of integration of the iPhone 4/5 style, frame back cover are so, while retaining the iPhone screen size 6, the whole lot of looks pleasing to the eye, of course, very beautiful.

Like it?

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