Friday, September 11, 2015

iPhone 6S memory up to 2GB, Reduce battery capacity, iPhone 6s Highlights Summary

In early August, there is the foreign media exposure of the iPhone 6s battery spy, it shows its capacity is only 1715mAh, has shrunk even more than iPhone 1810mAh 6. Currently, Apple's official website has a list of iPhone 6s basic specifications, but memory and battery capacity are not and will absent. There are sharp-eyed netizens in Apple's official trailer saw the clues.

From the point of view after the screenshot below to enlarge, iPhone 6s on the standard battery capacity is indeed 1715mAh, fell 95mAh than iPhone 6. Some students may be wondering, iPhone 6s use a more powerful A9 processor, memory also upgraded to 2GB, should the battery bigger fishes, the most incompetent should be consistent, why capacity will reduce it?

Since the iPhone 6s uses a new 7000 series aluminum, the inner member has also been some adjustments, so you may need some battery compress space to ensure control body thickness (thicker than the iPhone 6s only 0.2mm).
Less 95mAh will not let iPhone 6s of life worse? At least from the data given Apple's official point of view, there is no difference.

iPhone 6s rose gold
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And iPhone 6, Apple claimed, iPhone 6s 3G network call 14 hours, 3G / 4G Internet use time of 10 hours (Wi-Fi to 11 hours), standby 10 days, 11 hours HD video playback, audio Play 50 hours.

The reasons for this is that, iOS 9 will substantial optimization of life, more power. In addition, there is news that low-power A9 processor, more memory also have the power to help.

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