Monday, September 7, 2015

iOS 9 super practical new features,After reading you will thank Apple

What a time to upgrade the system Zuifan? What is a backup? Or upgrading takes up too much of your time, I want to use the phone Shique not work properly?

Do not be afraid, and then wait a month to upgrade to iOS 9, you will experience the iOS 9 this new feature of human nature!

When in the past we OTA iOS system upgrade, you can not select the background automatically download upgrades, and sometimes do not want to upgrade to misuse, take too long to really bad review. Now iOS 9 can help you automatically choose the time to upgrade!

Detects when there is a new system upgrade, iOS 9 prompt box will pop up asking if you want to automatically upgrade the firmware, if necessary, to 6:00 this time will help you to upgrade at 23:00, that is waiting for you to sleep not need to use the phone when the upgrade, in order to avoid escalation of occupancy time.

One thing to note, the automatic upgrade requires the iPhone to connect the power it!

How do you see this system upgrade small details?

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