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iPhone’s first ten years, three generations of entrepreneurs to create a different era

Over the past nearly 10 years, it has created three generations of stars startups, who enjoy the next dividend will be?

Entrepreneurship was hard, all kinds of right, favorable factors superimposed, can succeed. IPhone seize opportunities not utilitarian, but ability. We tried to enjoy those categories iPhone dividend, corresponding to each stage of development of mobile Internet, hoping to find the next iPhone dividends.

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Prehistory - the first generation iPhone

The first generation iPhone to mention the stunning global, but it is the first truly user-oriented, consumer electronics like smart phones. followed by the launch of iOS and Google Android, to the era of intelligent machines Dachu framework.

This stage to Chinese entrepreneurs the biggest bonus is the "enlightenment." Previously, China has a number of start-up companies to explore the mobile Internet, but they also entangled in GPRS and WAP format battle. iPhone lets skip this stage directly, although was no App Store, but many teams have begun to emulate the way iPhone applications, product planning, "So the mobile Internet is so fun."

First, the tool dividend --iPhone 3G era

The first bonus is really grasp iPhone application number of tools, some still whole people familiar. IPhone function itself was scarce, the objective to promote the application of these tools was born.

Subjectively, in order to improve the iPhone features Apple introduced the same period of the App Store, giving developers 70% of earnings, to promote the developer's enthusiasm. Meanwhile, many VC also seized mobile Internet opportunity, began to invest APP, has added a fire.

These enjoy the dividends of APP are very light, function is relatively simple, the corresponding team are relatively small. Camera360, calendar 365 are then up. At that time, there are many calculators, protractors, unit conversion, this application toolkit, was very fire.

Where quality applications, many have users billions of dollars this year, took several rounds of financing. But the one hand because they are developers, rather than entrepreneurs, lack of management experience in a large team; on the other hand, the product too simple, commercialization difficult. So widespread growth encountered difficulties, very different fate later, some breakthrough in seeking overseas or incurred under some were giants.

Second, the information age --iPhone 3GS bonus

When people have the tool, always feel less information began. After 3GS release, dividend information age began.

In fact associated with two major functional modules --3G network and Assisted GPS - the iPhone 3G on the release. Just when everyone was rushing to make it easier in the development tools category. By this time, to develop the tools to develop the same subject.

First, seize the opportunity of a group on a PC companies have accumulated contents, the most typical is the public comments, the same year the speed of light to get the investment, Manniu start gallop. Some foresight of content sources, such as portals began planning simple news client. Related to this there are some heavier tool, mainly in order to solve the problem of user browsing information, the content from the PC to move the phone up, for example, UC browser is launched iOS version, this transformation only later on that front The UC.

"Position" began to be people's attention, LBS concept appears. At that time there have been several in attendance as a selling point applications, such as roadside. But today we know everything, the position must be combined with the scene, not a separate function. So roadside after the fire, but also suffered a bottleneck in transition.

Another type of content burst fire, is the game. You can even say that, because these games fire, touch only become trend. Huobian worldwide are Zombies and Angry Birds. On this path, we wake up the fastest, and made with Chinese characteristics is the touch technology, explosion product is people fishing.

This phase-dependent content distribution SP of the most impact, and cry blame Road. There are some early developers, positive ideas to the future, applications diversified, content applications rise, carried a lot of meaningful exploration. These explorations are subject to conditions at the time, he did not succeed, but are being carried forward in the future.

Third, the social dividend age --iPhone 4 (s)

iPhone 4 compared to previous generations, most attract users is its camera and ultra-high-resolution screen. Users about the feel, pictures on the iPhone is too beautiful, it can be said Dutushidai is therefore triggered.

At the same time, users began to feel that the content of the one-way Push means nothing, began to pursue interaction. So, this time to enjoy the maximum bonus is a social product. Before 4s launched micro-channel launch, began to rapidly obtain user. Street street also launched in August 2011. And they launched, they are on the picture somewhat premeditated. In fact, in foreign countries, Instagram also shine at this time.

Since the agency to establish a relationship between the user, but also with the scene. So basically, this time to fire up the application of the follow-up is more iterative, not a difficult transition.

This stage is also the rise of some of the content-type applications, however, the content is generated from interaction, and not past Push. A typical representative of microblogging. Both social content but also possesses another picture of little pops all the fire before, but there is no follow-up anti-lived, this time for the entrepreneurs, the election of the KeyPoint light enough to grasp the needs of users must also be accurate.

In addition, to explore the application type and user needs are constantly continuing.

Have to say is that this stage is the "worship Apple teach" the hottest time, Zhou Hongyi, Overheating are representative. And iPhone 4 (s) is no longer a small minority of fans, and become a mass consumer goods, so the fancy iPhone dividend entrepreneurship more and more people.

Fourth, the consumer dividend age (iPhone 5-iPhone 6)

In fact, from the beginning of iPhone 5, dating to become increasingly difficult. Forgive me, the reason so divided Jobs died before the release of iPhone 5, is then to now.

But this time there is a label, that is, the consumer era, including e-commerce, O2O and all kinds of consumption.

Application category also expanding, flourishing a nutshell it is difficult to the. Iconic function modules and iPhone-related, I think it is a fingerprint, it reduces the threshold payments, promote the application of the scene. If you have, for example, Alipay and micro-channel pay it.

Another is the big screen, with reference to the payment module of rich media content begins. Beauty shot, all because of this little coffee show fire too.

In fact, since the beginning of the era Houqiaobusi, iPhone dividends gradually become less distinctive mark, more and more blurred. Reflected in the end product of the most intuitive feeling is: everything you can think of areas and long tail demand, have someone do it.

And this time, the application has been bigger and heavier. However, the dividend had happened with Big Data, an upgraded version of cloud properties, are likely to return to the horizon. The first regression or tools, based on a complex tool use cloud rise again.

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About Future

Let me point bluntly, continuing the above "Regression to upgrade." Each wave upgraded version of return, are out of time on the generation of the product. For example, a new generation of cloud services Evernote extruded products. Moreover, the scene more segments, which the entrepreneur is no exclusive the scene.

This led to the current iPhone application showing two trends: First, more and more content classes. Since the formation of a monopoly is not a scene, do the contents of the head office now! Second, the application is getting heavy, even if the application level is very light, the background is also very important; or very light line, the line is very heavy. Many people optimistic about the B2B, enterprise services as well as finance are in line with this characteristic.

And technology-related products, there are some bonus exist. The phone will change its functional orientation is no longer the only entrance individual, wearable devices, intelligent home will form an inlet system. That some new carrier, repeat the above procedure has bonus.

At the same time, the user is no longer an individual, but with the chain groups. Specifically, Apple TV host family, it significantly changed the user to point, from one person to the family.

Also not to be missed is a virtual reality. You may think this is a new mobile Internet technology, then the dividend should be enjoying new games and video streaming services. Of course, you can also think that the next era of technology, the entire era will be re-rewrite round. Saying that we are not going to wait for the next Steve Jobs happen?

To stepping bonus skyrocket which, you want good?

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